Is there a minimum age limit to join the tour?

No, there is no age limit. However, your height must be at least 145 cm in order to ride a bike.
Your bike saddle can be adjusted according to your height.

Until what time can I use my bike on the day?

You can use your bike until 12 PM on the day.

How do I check where to return my bike?

You can check all the A ports (where you can return your bike) on the website or the app of Docomo Bike Share.

What should I do if I have some problems with my bike such as a flat tire?

Please return your bike to a port nearby and rent a new bike in case you have any problems with your bike. We apologize for the inconvenience in advance.

Do you have accident insurance?

Yes, we do.

What should I do if I am in an accident?

(1) Submit a report to the police (and call 119 if there are injured people),
(2) Contact the support center (0570-783-677)
All customers are covered by damage insurance for accidents that occur while they use the bicycle, but any costs not covered by the insurance must be borne by the customer.
* Insurance premiums are included in the user fees for the rental service.

If you have an accident while using the bicycle, please promptly contact the support center and tell us when (date and time) and where the accident occurred, how it happened, the situation about the accident, etc. Also, if necessary, contact the police and take measures as prescribed by law.